Faresbureau,net fares system,nett fares,air fares database
Faresbureau,net fares system,nett fares,air fares database

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(If you do not wish to download the program call or email us and we will send you a CD.)
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The evaluation program is supplied complete with sample data so that you can immediately start to use and test the system. This is the full version of the program without any limitations and will continue to work normally until it reaches its expiration date which is clearly shown on the Copyrite screen.

We know that this pricing structure is extrememly competitive when compared to other systems on the market. Please do not think that because of this the system cannot handle your contracts. Many other companies with airline contracts, large and small are already using this system. If there are functions that you think you will need and they are not already included please give us full details and we will give every suggestion full consideration.

Download / Installation Instructions

The selection of the server is important. The machine chosen can be any computer on a network that can be seen by all of the potential workstations and has sufficient disk space (approx. 500mb). For ease of use when updating each day it would also help if this machine has direct Internet access in order that the data can be sent to the web server. You must ensure that the this machine allows others to have access to its files etc. Right mouse click on 'Network Neighborhood' and select 'Properties'. Now click on the button marked 'File and Print Sharing' and ensure that either the top option 'I want to be able to give others access to my files' or both options are ticketed. Then click on 'OK' and then on 'OK' again. You will now have to restart your computer to activate that option. If the options just selected were already in place then you may continue without restarting. Now you must actually mark the local 'C' drive as shared. Open 'My Computer' by double clicking on the icon. Wait a few seconds while the computer displays the list of items. Find the item for your local 'C' drive. If the icon has a blue hand across it the drive is already marked for sharing. If not right mouse click the item and select 'Sharing'. Click on the 'Shared As' option and the 'Full' option for 'Access type'. Now click on 'Apply' and 'OK'. That's it for the server setup.

Now you can download the program and data from the web site. Click on the link 'Download Evalution' and when the window appears click on the option for save file and then 'OK'. You will be asked to select the file name for the file to be saved as. Please enter 'C:\server_setup.exe' and click 'Save'. The file will now start to download. Click on the 'Start' button and select 'Run'. In the box marked 'Open' type 'c:\server_setup.exe' and click on 'OK'. When the window opens click on 'Unzip'. When finished you will be advised that the system has copied a number of files. Click 'OK' and then click on 'Close'.

The 'Server' installation is now complete. On the desktop you will now find an icon with the title 'Nett Fares System'. Double click on this and the program will start. The first screen shows the copyright and the support telephone number. Click on the button at the bottom of the screen and the you will then be taken to the Main Menu.

Workstation Installation

Workstations are setup by linking to the server and running an installation program. The workstations can carry out searches but not maintenance of the contracts.




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