Faresbureau,net fares system,nett fares,air fares database
Faresbureau,net fares system,nett fares,air fares database

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Airline Nett Fares

Consolidators Nett Fare System (Faresbureau)

Consolidators have historically had to deal with sheets and sheets of paper detailing their negotiated fares with each airline. Each reservation clerk would have their folder or folders of the fares. Now using Faresbureau each reservation clerk can instantly look up the fares for a routing as required by the customer. The system shows all airlines on one screen and details all rules etc. Export to various online databases e.g. Solarnet, are included.

We have now web enabled this system. All external travel agency customers can now find the consolidators fares instantly without the need to make expensive telephone calls.

Using the Solars booking engine we can now provide our clients with net fares booking using all GDS and we are providing a web based interface for those who do not have a GDS.